Ebook Professional C++

Professional C++
Professional C++



Nhà xuất bản Wiley Publishing
Tác giả Nicholas A.Scolter

Scott J.Klepper

Số trang 867
Ngày xuất bản 2005
File PDF

Part I: Introduction to Professional C++
Chapter 1: A Crash Course in C++
Chapter 2: Designing Professional C++ Programs
Chapter 3: Designing with Objects
Chapter 4: Designing with Libraries and Patterns
Chapter 5: Designing for Reuse
Chapter 6: Maximizing Software-Engineering Methods

Part II: C++ Coding the Professional Way
Chapter 7: Coding with Style
Chapter 8: Gaining Proficiency with Classes and Objects
Chapter 9: Mastering Classes and Objects
Chapter 10: Discovering Inheritance Techniques
Chapter 11: Writing Generic Code with Templates
Chapter 12: Understanding C++ Quirks and Oddities

Part III: Mastering Advanced Features of C++
Chapter 13: Effective Memory Management
Chapter 14: Demystifying C++ I/O
Chapter 15: Handling Errors
Chapter 16: Overloading C++ Operators
Chapter 17: Writing Efficient C++
Chapter 18: Developing Cross-Platform and Cross-Language Applications
Chapter 19: Becoming Adept at Testing
Chapter 20: Conquering Debugging
Chapter 21: Delving into the STL: Containers and Iterators

Part V: Using Libraries and Patterns
Chapter 22: Mastering STL Algorithms and Function Objects
Chapter 23: Customizing and Extending the STL
Chapter 24: Exploring Distributed Objects
Chapter 25: Incorporating Techniques and Frameworks
Chapter 26: Applying Design Patterns

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