Ebook Programming Windows – 5th edition

Programming Windows - 5th edition
Programming Windows – 5th edition



Nhà xuất bản Wiley Publishing
Tác giả Charles Petzold
Số trang 1122
Ngày xuất bản 1998
File PDF

Chapter 1 −− Getting Started
The Windows Environment
Windows Programming Options
Your First Windows Program

Chapter 2 −− An Introduction to Unicode
A Brief History of Character Sets
Wide Characters and C
Wide Characters and Windows

Chapter 3 −− Windows and Messages
A Window of One’s Own
The Windows Programming Hurdles

Chapter 4 −− An Exercise in Text Output
Painting and Repainting
An Introduction to GDI
Scroll Bars
Building a Better Scroll

Chapter 5 −− Basic Drawing
The Structure of GDI
The Device Context
Drawing Dots and Lines
Drawing Filled Areas
The GDI Mapping Mode
Rectangles, Regions, and Clipping

Chapter 6 −− The Keyboard
Keyboard Basics
Keystroke Messages
Character Messages
Keyboard Messages and Character Sets
The Caret (Not the Cursor)

Chapter 7 −− The Mouse
Mouse Basics
Client−Area Mouse Messages
Nonclient−Area Mouse Messages
Hit−Testing in Your Programs
Capturing the Mouse
The Mouse Wheel

Chapter 8 −− The Timer
Timer Basics
Using the Timer: Three Methods
Using the Timer for a Clock
Using the Timer for a Status Report

Chapter 9 −− Child Window Controls
The Button Class
Controls and Colors
The Static Class
The Scroll Bar Class
The Edit Class
The Listbox Class
The Listbox Class

Chapter 10 −− Menus and Other Resources
Icons, Cursors, Strings, and Custom Resources
Keyboard Accelerators
Modal Dialog Boxes

Chapter 11 −− Dialog Boxes
Modeless Dialog Boxes
The Common Dialog Boxes

Chapter 12 −− The Clipboard
Simple Use of the Clipboard
Beyond Simple Clipboard Use
Becoming a Clipboard Viewer

Chapter 13 −− Using the Printer
Printing Fundamentals
Printing Graphics and Text

Chapter 14 −− Bitmaps and Bitblts
Bitmap Basics
Bitmap Dimensions
The Bit−Block Transfer
The GDI Bitmap Object

Chapter 15 −− The Device−Independent Bitmap
The DIB File Format
Displaying and Printing
The Union of DIBs and DDBs

Chapter 16 −− The Palette Manager
Using Palettes
Palette Animation
Palettes and Real−World Images
A Library for DIBs

Chapter 17 −− Text and Fonts
Simple Text Output
Background on Fonts
The Logical Font
Font Enumeration
Paragraph Formatting
The Fun and Fancy Stuff

Chapter 18 −− Metafiles
The Old Metafile Format
Enhanced Metafiles

Chapter 19 −− The Multiple−Document Interface
MDI Concepts
A Sample MDI Implementation

Chapter 20 −− Multitasking and Multithreading
Modes of Multitasking
Windows Multithreading
Thread Synchronization
Event Signaling
Thread Local Storage

Chapter 21 −− Dynamic−Link Libraries
Library Basics
Miscellaneous DLL Topics

Chapter 22 −− Sound and Music
Windows and Multimedia
Waveform Audio
MIDI and Music

Chapter 23 −− A Taste of the Internet
Windows Sockets
WinInet and FTP

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