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HTML5 Media
HTML5 Media



Nhà xuất bản O’Reilly
Tác giả Shelley Powers
Số trang 138
Ngày xuất bản 2011
File PDF

1. HTML5 Audio and Video Elements: By-Default
Adding a Media Element to a Web Page 2
Minimal Element Syntax 2
Disabled Scripting and the Magically Appearing Controls UI 3
Support for Multiple Media File Types 4
The Audio and Video File Babble and the Source Element in Detail 6
HTML5 Audio Codecs/Containers and Lossless versus Lossy Compression 7
HTML5 Video Element Codecs/Containers 11
The Media Elements in More Detail 15
Media Elements and Global Attributes 16
Media-Specific Attributes 17
Video-Only Attributes and Video Resolutions 19
Audio and Video in Mobile Devices and Media Profiles 20
Challenges of a Mobile Environment 21
Media Profiles and Codec Parameters 22
Converting Audio and Video Content 24
The Free Mp3/Wma/Ogg Converter 24
Video Conversion with Miro Video Converter and Handbrake 26
Using a Frame Grabber 28

2. Customizing Media Elements
CSS Styling 32
Adding a Fancy Border 32
Using the CSS Pseudo Classes 34
Applying a CSS3 Transform to a Video Element 36
Animating the Transforms with CSS3 Transitions 40
Adding an Overlay 42
Custom Controls with JavaScript and CSS 44
Creating a Basic Control 44
Adding CSS and Tracking Playback 53
Creating a Custom Progress Bar 58
The Custom Control and Seekability 65
Debugging and Discovering Browser Support 69

3. Media Elements, Multiple Tracks, and Accessibility
Media Controllers and the MediaController Interface 74
Multiple Tracks and the Track List Interfaces 76
Audio and Video Track Collections 77
Multiple Text Tracks 79
The Track Element 81
Track File Formats 82
JavaScript Support for Subtitles and Captions 88
Captionator 89
Playr 91
The Leanback Player 92

4. Advanced Media Element Scripting
Media Elements and Canvas 95
Playing a Video in an Canvas Element 96
Creating a Video Visual Filter using the Canvas Element 100
Media Elements and SVG 106
Adding an HTML5 Video to an SVG Document 107
Applying SVG Filters to Video Files within HTML 110
The Audio Data APIs 113

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