Ebook PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming – 3rd edition

PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented programming
PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented programming



Nhà xuất bản Peachpit Press
Tác giả Larry Ullman
Số trang 1295
Ngày xuất bản 2013
File PDF

Chapter 1. Advanced PHP Techniques
Multidimensional Arrays
Advanced Function Definitions
The Heredoc Syntax
Using printf() and sprintf()
Review and Pursue

Chapter 2. Developing Web Applications
Modularizing a Web Site
Improved SEO with mod_rewrite
Affecting the Browser Cache
Review and Pursue

Chapter 3. Advanced Database Concepts
Storing Sessions in a Database
Working with U.S. Zip Codes
Creating Stored Functions
Displaying Results Horizontally
Review and Pursue

Chapter 4. Basic Object-Oriented Programming
OOP Theory
Defining a Class
Creating an Object
The $this Attribute
Creating Constructors
Creating Destructors
Designing Classes with UML
Better Documentation with phpDocumentor
Review and Pursue

Chapter 5. Advanced OOP
Advanced Theories
Inheriting Classes
Inheriting Constructors and Destructors
Overriding Methods
Access Control
Using the Scope Resolution OperatorCreating Static Members
Review and Pursue

Chapter 6. More Advanced OOP
Abstract Classes and Methods
Type Hinting
Review and Pursue

Chapter 7. Design Patterns
Understanding Design Patterns
The Singleton Pattern
The Factory Pattern
The Composite Pattern
The Strategy Pattern
Review and Pursue

Chapter 8. Using Existing Classes
Catching Exceptions
Extending the Exception Class
Using PDO
Using the Standard PHP Library
Review and Pursue

Chapter 9. Example—CMS with OOP
Identifying the Goals
Creating the Database
Making the Template
Writing a Utilities File
Creating the Error View File
Defining the Classes
Creating the Home Page
Viewing a Page
Using HTML_QuickForm2
Logging Out
Adding Pages
Review and Pursue

Chapter 10 Networking with PHP
Accessing Other Web SitesWorking with Sockets
Performing IP Geolocation
Using cURL
Creating Web Services
Review and Pursue

Chapter 11 PHP and the Server
Compressing Files
Establishing a cron
Using MCrypt
Review and Pursue

Chapter 12 PHP’s Command-Line Interface
Testing Your Installation
Executing Bits of Code
Interactive PHP CLI
Creating a Command-Line Script
Running a Command-Line Script
Working with Command-Line Arguments
Taking Input
Built-In Server
Review and Pursue

Chapter 13 XML and PHP
What Is XML?
XML Syntax
Attributes, Empty Elements, and Entities
Defining XML Schemas
Parsing XML
Creating an RSS Feed
Review and Pursue

Chapter 14 Debugging, Testing, and Performance
Debugging Tools
Unit Testing
Profiling Scripts
Improving Performance
Review and Pursue

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