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HTML5 Hacks



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Tác giả Jesse Cravens and Jeff Burtoft
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Ngày xuất bản 2013
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1. Hacking the Semantic Way
Hack 01. Simplify Your Doc with the Right 1
Hack 02. Adopt Common Structures 2
Hack 03. Make Your New HTML5 Tags Render Properly in Older Browsers 5
Hack 04. Bring Back the Tag 11
Hack 05. Easily Implement Form Validation Without JavaScript 16
Hack 06. Improve the Usability of Your Forms with New Controls 24
Hack 07. Know What’s Going On in Your App with New DOM Events 37
Hack 08. Add Rich Context to Your Markup with Custom Data 40
Hack 09. Track User Events with Custom Data 44
Hack 10. Make Your Page Consumable by Robots and Humans Alike with Microdata 47

2. Hacking with Style
Hack 11. Use Experimental CSS Features with Browser Prefixes 54
Hack 12. Design with Custom Fonts Using Web Fonts 56
Hack 13. Use Google Web Fonts for Simple @font-face Implementation 61
Hack 14. Use CSS3 Text Effects to Make Your Text Not Suck 70
Hack 15. Make Elements Appear Transparent Without Altering the Opacity 73
Hack 16. Use Media Queries to Build Responsive Design 77
Hack 17. Make Your Web App Respond to Device Orientation Changes 81
Hack 18. Take Full Control of Your DOM with Pseudoclasses 85
Hack 19. Hack Up Your Sprite and Put Your Images Inline with Image Data
URIs 87
Hack 20. Build Gradients the Easy Way 92
Hack 21. Make Borders Interesting Again, with Border Treatments 98
Hack 22. Set Multiple Background Images to the Same Element 103
Hack 23. Free Your Page Elements from Their Traditional Space with CSS3 Transforms 106

Hack 24. Turn Transforms into Animations with CSS3 Transitions 110
Hack 25. Make iOS-Style Card Flips with CSS Transforms and Transitions 113
Hack 26. Use Respond.js to Polyfill CSS3 Media Queries in IE 117
Hack 27. Control Mobile Layout with the viewportTag 121

3. Multimedia Hacking
Hack 28. Embed Video Directly in Your Application with HTML5 Video 125
Hack 29. Choose the Right Codecs for Your Video Files 128
Hack 30. Create Custom Video Controls with Video APIs 130
Hack 31. Replace the Background of Your HTML5 Video with the Tag 135
Hack 32. Add Subtitles to Your HTML5 Video Element 139
Hack 33. Beautify Your HTML5 Video Cues 143
Hack 34. Use the Cuepoint.js Polyfill for Subtitles 147
Hack 35. Easily Build Audio-Rich Applications with Buzz 150
Hack 36. Simplify Your HTML5 Media with MediaElement.js 154

4. Hacking Your Graphics with Canvas and SVG
Hack 37. Draw Shapes on Your HTML5 Tag 158
Hack 38. Apply Styles to Your Canvas Elements 164
Hack 39. Style Canvas Elements with Image Files 171
Hack 40. Use the HTML5 Tag to Create High-Res, RetinaDisplay-Ready Media 177
Hack 41. Accelerate Animation with Canvas Drawings 181
Hack 42. Build “Native” Illustrations with Scalable Vector Graphics 188
Hack 43. Style SVG Elements with CSS 192
Hack 44. Animate Illustrations with SVG 199
Hack 45. Embed SVG Directly in Your HTML 204

5. User Interactions
Hack 46. Make Any Content Draggable Within Your Application 210
Hack 47. Update the DOM with a Drag-and-Drop Data Transfer Object 214
Hack 48. Drag Files In and Out of Your Web Application 220
Hack 49. Make Any Element on Your Page User-Customizable with
Editable Content 226
Hack 50. Turn Your Web Page into a WYSIWYG Editor 229
Hack 51. Take Control of the Browser History Buttons with HTML5 Session History 232

6. Client-Side Data Storage Hacks
Hack 52. Embed Binary Data in an Inline URL 239
Hack 53. Convert a Data URI to a Blob and Append It to Form Data with XHR2 244
Hack 54. Use the WebStorage API to Persist User Data 246
Hack 55. Polyfill LocalStorage with YepNope.js and Storage.js 252
Hack 56. Cache Media Resources Locally with the FileSystem API 255
Hack 57. Build a Milestone Calendar with IndexedDB and FullCalendar.js 264

7. Geolocation Hacks
Hack 58. Use the Geolocation APIs to Display Longitude and Latitude in a Mobile Web Application 274
Hack 59. Use Google’s Geocoding API to Reverse-Geocode a User’s Location 280
Hack 60. Update a User’s Current Location in a Google Map 286
Hack 61. Use the Geoloqi Service to Build a Geofence 291
Hack 62. Use the Geoloqi Real-Time Streaming Service to Broadcast a Remote User’s Movement 298
Hack 63. Polyfill Geolocation APIs with Webshims 302

8. WebWorker API
How Browsers Handle JavaScript 307
Hack 64. Use the BlobBuilder Interface to Create an Inline Worker 309
Hack 65. Perform Heavy Array Computations in a Dedicated Web Worker 315
Hack 66. Use a Timer to Send Application State to Workers 325
Hack 67. Process Image Data with Pixel Manipulation in a Dedicated Worker 338
Hack 68. Use Import Scripts to Make Twitter JSONP Requests 343
Hack 69. Connect to Shared Workers Simultaneously from Multiple Browser Windows 347

9. Hacking HTML5 Connectivity
Hack 70. Use Kaazing’s Remote WebSocket Server to Echo Simple Messages from a Browser 352
Hack 71. Build a Blazing-Fast WebSocket Server with Node.js and the ws Module 360
Hack 72. Build a Donation Thermometer with Web Sockets, the Pusher API, and PHP 367
Hack 73. Build Plug-Ins for jWebSocket 383
Hack 74. Push Notifications to the Browser with Server-Sent Events 394
Hack 75. Configure Amazon S3 for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing to Host a Web Font 404
Hack 76. Control an HTML5 Slide Deck with Robodeck 414
Hack 77. Inspect a Socket.IO Connection to Determine If It Is Native or Emulated 435
Hack 78. Build a Simple SPDY Server with node-spdy 435

10. Pro HTML5 Application Hacks with Node.js HTML5 Application Design Considerations 439
Hack 79. Deliver “Hello Html5” to the Browser 440
Hack 80. Detect the User Agent String Within the Request Object 448
Hack 81. Use Node.js’s Response Object to Respond to the Client with Device-Specific Data 450
Hack 82. Use the Node Package Manager to Add a Web Application Framework As a Third-Party Module 452
Hack 83. Use the Express Application Generator to Bootstrap Your App 453
Hack 84. Build a Custom Module to Handle Routing 455
Hack 85. Configure Express to Use a View Engine 457
Hack 86. Use Jade Layouts to DRY Up Your Application’s Views 458
Hack 87. Use a Jade Partial to Create a Common Navigation Bar in Your Views 461
Hack 88. Use Jade Mixins to Populate Your Views with Data 463
Hack 89. Set Up Expressive, Dynamic, Robust CSS with Stylus 466
Hack 90. Include HTML5 Boilerplate As Your Default Starter Template 469
Become an HTML5 Hacker 475

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