Ebook Android Programming for Beginners

Android Programming for Beginners
Android Programming for Beginners



Nhà xuất bản Packt Publishing
Tác giả John Horton
Số trang 698
Ngày xuất bản 2015
File PDF

Chapter 1: The First App
Chapter 2: Java – First Contact
Chapter 3: Exploring Android Studio
Chapter 4: Designing Layouts
Chapter 5: Real-World Layouts
Chapter 6: The Life and Times of an Android App
Chapter 7: Coding in Java Part 1 – Variables, Decisions,and Loops
Chapter 8: Coding in Java Part 2 – Methods
Chapter 9: Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 10: Everything’s a Class
Chapter 11: Widget Mania
Chapter 12: Having a Dialogue with the User
Chapter 13: Handling and Displaying Arrays of Data
Chapter 14: Handling and Displaying Notes in Note To Self
Chapter 15: Android Intent and Persistence
Chapter 16: UI Animations
Chapter 17: Sound FX and Supporting Different Versions of Android
Chapter 18: Design Patterns, Fragments, and the Real World
Chapter 19: Using Multiple Fragments
Chapter 20: Paging and Swiping
Chapter 21: Navigation Drawer and Where It’s Snap
Chapter 22: Capturing Images
Chapter 23: Using SQLite Databases in Our Apps
Chapter 24: Adding a Database to Where It’s Snap
Chapter 25: Integrating Google Maps and GPS Locations
Chapter 26: Upgrading SQLite – Adding Locations and Maps
Chapter 27: Going Local – Hola!
Chapter 28: Threads, Touches, Drawing, and a Simple Game
Chapter 29: Publishing Apps
Chapter 30: Before You Go

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