Ebook Beginning Android 3

Beginning Android 3
Beginning Android 3



Nhà xuất bản Paul Manning
Tác giả Mark Murphy
Số trang 581
Ngày xuất bản 2011
File PDF

■Chapter 1: The Big Picture
■Chapter 2: How to Get Started
■Chapter 3: Your First Android Project
■Chapter 4: Examining Your First Project
■Chapter 5: A Bit About Eclipse
■Chapter 6: Enhancing Your First Project
■Chapter 7: Rewriting Your First Project
■Chapter 8: Using XML-Based Layouts
■Chapter 9: Employing Basic Widgets
■Chapter 10: Working with Containers
■Chapter 11: The Input Method Framework
■Chapter 12: Using Selection Widgets
■Chapter 13: Getting Fancy with Lists
■Chapter 14: Still More Widgets and Containers
■Chapter 15: Embedding the WebKit Browser
■Chapter 16: Applying Menus
■Chapter 17: Showing Pop-Up Messages
■Chapter 18: Handling Activity Lifecycle Events
■Chapter 19: Handling Rotation
■Chapter 20: Dealing with Threads
■Chapter 21: Creating Intent Filters
■Chapter 22: Launching Activities and Subactivities
■Chapter 23: Working with Resources
■Chapter 24: Defining and Using Styles
■Chapter 25: Handling Multiple Screen Sizes
■Chapter 26: Focusing on Tablets and Larger UIs
■Chapter 27: Using the Action Bar
■Chapter 28: Fragments
■Chapter 29: Handling Platform Changes
■Chapter 30: Accessing Files
■Chapter 31: Using Preferences
■Chapter 32: Managing and Accessing Local Databases
■Chapter 33: Leveraging Java Libraries
■Chapter 34: Communicating via the Internet
■Chapter 35: Services: The Theory
■Chapter 36: Basic Service Patterns
■Chapter 37: Alerting Users via Notifications
■Chapter 38: Requesting and Requiring Permissions
■Chapter 39: Accessing Location-Based Services
■Chapter 40: Mapping with MapView and MapActivity
■Chapter 41: Handling Telephone Calls
■Chapter 42: Fonts
■Chapter 43: More Development Tools
■Chapter 44: The Role of Alternative Environments
■Chapter 45: HTML5
■Chapter 46: PhoneGap
■Chapter 47: Other Alternative Environments
■Chapter 48: Dealing with Devices
■Chapter 49: Where Do We Go from Here?

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