Ebook Introduction to Design Patterns in C#

C-sharp Design Patterns A Tutorial Book
C-sharp Design Patterns A Tutorial Book



Nhà xuất bản IBM T J Watson Research Center
Tác giả James W. Cooper
Số trang 424
Ngày xuất bản 2002
File PDF

1. What are Design Patterns?
2. Syntax of the C# Language
3. Writing Windows C# Programs
4. Using Classes and Objects in C#
5. Inheritance
6. UML Diagrams
7. Arrays, Files and Exceptions in C#
8. The Simple Factory Pattern
9. The Factory Method
10. The Abstract Factory Pattern
11. The Singleton Pattern
12. The Builder Pattern
13. The Prototype Pattern
14. The Adapter Pattern
15. The Bridge Pattern
16. The Composite Pattern
17. The Decorator Pattern
18. The Façade Pattern
19. The Flyweight Pattern
20. The Proxy Pattern
21. Chain of Responsibility
22. The Command Pattern
23. The Interpreter Pattern
24. The Iterator Pattern
25. The Mediator Pattern
26. The Memento Pattern
27. The Observer Pattern
28. The State Pattern
29. The Strategy Pattern
30. The Template Method Pattern
31. The Visitor Pattern
32. Bibliography

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