Ebook C# 3.0 Unleashed With the NET Framework 3.5

C-sharp 3.0 Unleashed With the NET Framework 3.5
C-sharp 3.0 Unleashed With the NET Framework 3.5



Nhà xuất bản Pearson Education
Tác giả Joe Mayo
Số trang 1052
Ngày xuất bản 2008
File PDF

Part 1 Learning C# Basics
1 Introducing the .NET Platform
2 Getting Started with C# and Visual Studio 2008
3 Writing C# Expressions and Statements
4 Understanding Reference Types and Value Types
5 Manipulating Strings
6 Arrays and Enums
7 Debugging Applications with Visual Studio 2008

Part 2 Object-Oriented Programming with C#
8 Designing Objects
9 Designing Object-Oriented Programs
10 Coding Methods and Custom Operators
11 Error and Exception Handling
12 Event-Based Programming with Delegates and Events
13 Naming and Organizing Types with Namespaces

Part 3 Applying Advanced C# Language Features
15 Managing Object Lifetime
16 Declaring Attributes and Examining Code with Reflection
17 Parameterizing Type with Generics and Writing Iterators
18 Using Lambda Expressions and Expression Trees

Part 4 Learning LINQ and .NET Data Access
19 Accessing Data with LINQ
20 Managing Data with ADO.NET
21 Manipulating XML Data
22 Creating Data Abstractions with the ADO.NET Entity Framework
23 Working with Data in the Cloud with ADO.NET Data Services

Part 5 Building Desktop User Interfaces
24 Taking Console Applications to the Limit
25 Writing Windows Forms Applications
26 Creating Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Applications

Part 6 Designing Web User Interfaces
27 Building Web Applications with ASP.NET
28 Adding Interactivity to Your Web Apps with ASP.NET AJAX
29 Crafting Rich Web Applications with Silverlight

Part 7 Communicating with .NET Technologies
30 Using .NET Network Communications Technologies
31 Building Windows Service Applications
32 Remoting
33 Writing Traditional ASMX Web Services
34 Creating Web and Services with WCF

Part 8 Examining .NET Application Architecture and Design
35 Using the Visual Studio 2008 Class Designer
36 Sampling Design Patterns in C#
37 Building N-Tier/Layer Systems
38 Automating Logic with Windows Workflow

Part 9 Surveying More of the .NET Framework Class Library
39 Managing Processes and Threads
40 Localizing and Globalization
41 Performing Interop (P/Invoke and COM) and Writing Unsafe Code
42 Instrumenting Applications with System.Diagnostics Types

Part 10 Deploying Code
43 Assemblies and Versioning
44 Securing Code
45 Creating Visual Studio 2008 Setup Projects
46 Deploying Desktop Applications
47 Publishing Web Applications

Part 11 Appendixes
A Compiling Programs
B Getting Help with the .NET Framework

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