Ebook C# 5.0 All in One For Dummies

C-sharp 5.0 All in One For Dummies
C-sharp 5.0 All in One For Dummies



Nhà xuất bản John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Tác giả Bill Sempf, Chuck Sphar, and Stephen Randy Davis
Số trang 843
Ngày xuất bản 2013
File PDF

Book I: The Basics of C# Programming
Chapter 1: Creating Your First C# Console Application
Chapter 2: Living with Variability — Declaring Value-Type Variables
Chapter 3: Pulling Strings
Chapter 4: Smooth Operators
Chapter 5: Getting into the Program Flow
Chapter 6: Lining Up Your Ducks with Collections
Chapter 7: Stepping through Collections
Chapter 8: Buying Generic
Chapter 9: Some Exceptional Exceptions

Book II: Object-Oriented C# Programming
Chapter 1: Object-Oriented Programming — What’s It All About?
Chapter 2: Showing Some Class
Chapter 3: We Have Our Methods
Chapter 4: Let Me Say This about this
Chapter 5: Holding a Class Responsible
Chapter 6: Inheritance: Is That All I Get?
Chapter 7: Poly-what-ism?
Chapter 8: Interfacing with the Interface
Chapter 9: Delegating Those Important Events
Chapter 10: Can I Use Your Namespace in the Library?
Chapter 11: Improving Productivity with Named and Optional Parameters

Book III: Designing for C#
Chapter 1: Writing Secure Code
Chapter 2: Accessing Data
Chapter 3: Fishing the FileStream
Chapter 4: Accessing the Internet
Chapter 5: Creating Images
Chapter 6: Programming Dynamically!
Chapter 7: Helping Out with Interop

Book IV: A Tour of Visual Studio
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Visual Studio
Chapter 2: Using the Interface
Chapter 3: Customizing Visual Studio
Chapter 4: Transforming Text Templates

Book V: Windows Development with WPF
Chapter 1: Introducing WPF
Chapter 2: Understanding the Basics of WPF
Chapter 3: Data Binding in WPF
Chapter 4: Practical WPF

Book VI: Web Development with ASP.NET
Chapter 1: Looking at How ASP.NET Works with C#
Chapter 2: Building Web Applications
Chapter 3: Controlling Your Development Experience
Chapter 4: Leveraging the .NET Framework
Chapter 5: Digging into Web Construction

Book VII: Service-Oriented Development
Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with Web Services
Chapter 2: Building Web Services with ASMX
Chapter 3: Building Web Services with WCF
Chapter 4: Building Web Services with REST

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